card Know How To Choose Your Card Reader Stanchions

Have you ever used a card when going through the pedestrian access points, intercoms, or drive-ups? If so, then you need a card that allows access. The cards have to be swiped. Here, the management needs to have a spot where people use cards for access. For this to happen, card reader stanchions must get installed. These stanchions come in different designs and heights. When it comes to choosing one for installation, there are steps to follow.

Shopping for card reader stanchion is a vital element which you must think of well before spending money. The card reader you purchase here has to work well and allow a user to do the swiping within seconds. Once you engage a dealer, you get advice on the best ways to have it installed. Read to the end and know how you can choose the best stanchions.

For the stanchions to work as you wish, there is a need to mount it right. First, you need a pedestal fitted securely on a pad. Some people get the pedestal and then dig a hole, secure the pedal inside, and harden it with concrete. Whichever way of mounting you want with the stanchions, get it fitted well. If you fail to do the mounting right, it might get stolen or break down when people use it.

Location matters
For the stanchions, you have to choose a point where they get fitted. Maybe you want people to access the intercom or the driveway. For such, you have to select an ideal location where people can have access. For those who want to mount the stanchions on a driveway, then it has to be fitted in the driver’s side. This way, a driver will not come out, walk some steps, have the card read, and go back. If fitted on the driver’s side, all they need is to lower the glass window, have the reading done, and go without stepping out. Also, they must be mounted some meters from the gate. This will make the operations smooth.

The needed features
Today, there are many stanchions you find being sold. The stanchion comes with several features that are different from the others. The majority of these fixtures come with bolts, nuts, and bold covers. All these features allow easy mounting and heavy construction.

Another thing you need to consider before you have the card reader stanchion is their style. First, you can choose a post mount or pad mount, depending on where you want it fitted. When buying for the first time, call dealers who will advise on the styling that will work well for the driveways and intercoms.

Size and height
When looking for the pedestal to mount that card ready, one thing to get it right is the pole height. Maybe the vehicle will pull to the pole. Maybe it is foot traffic. Also, you will have to know the user’s needs. You have to think of the height placement. For the driveways mostly with small cars, the pedestal height will be different from that of trucks. Getting the height right means users will not waste time.
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